BREAKING: Fox News Host Just SUED Over New Rape Accusation – Everyone SHOCKED At Who It Is

Fox News is the undisputed champion of news in the United States, but recently they can’t seem to keep the mud off their faces. The giant of media has been making some news with its anchors and their legal troubles.

The allegations of sexual misconduct among their anchors is especially troubling because of the right lean that the network has.

Most notably was the highly acclaimed Bill O’Reilly who was relieved of his position due to multiple accounts of inappropriate conduct.

There was a lot of debate surrounding that move since conservatives considered it a political hit to silence the right wing voice, but at this point, the damage is done, and Fox News is worse off for losing him.

The newest scandal surrounds Fox Business host Charles Payne and frequent Fox guest Scottie Nell Hughes.

Hughes alleges that Payne raped her and forced her into a longer relationship through his position at the network.

Daily Mail Reported the details of the lawsuit:

“Frequent Fox News guest Scottie Nell Hughes has claimed Fox Business host Charles Payne raped her in a shocking lawsuit.

The suit, filed in a New York district court on Monday, claims that in July 2013, Payne ‘pressured his way’ into Hughes’ hotel room before telling her ‘you know you want this’ and raping her.

After privately speaking to Fox lawyers about the supposed incident last year, the suit alleges, she was blackballed by the network, leading to her losing out on a job in the Trump administration.

In the years afterward, Payne then pressured her into maintaining an affair by citing other ‘relationships’ between male Fox hosts and female guests, and told her that as a woman she needed a man ‘to go to bat’ for her, the suit claims.”

While we should always be careful not to defend a predator there’s also the chance that any given person could ruin the reputation of someone who’s done nothing wrong.

We obviously don’t know the whole story here yet, but there’s a whole lot going on, no doubt.

Hughes says that she was raped, but also blackballed by the network, lost a job on the Trump Administration and also forced into a long-term relationship with her attacker.

There’s also the issue of this being the second time this has come out.

The first time word of this got out, emails were released between the two and the whole thing was dismissed as consensual.

“And when she went public about the abuse, Fox released private emails between her and Payne in an effort to smear her name, the shock legal filing says.

Hughes, 37, has previously accused Payne, 56, of sexually harassing her and pressuring her into an ongoing relationship with the threat of taking away her appearances on Fox. Both are married.

But this is the first time the host – who presents Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business – has been accused of rape.”

It’s tough to understand how an educated woman who is supposedly happily married carried on an affair against her will and was also punished by the person she was sleeping with. Maybe more details will clear that up, but for the moment it seems a bit suspect.


More from our source about the details of the lawsuit:

The suit, which was filed by attorneys Douglas H Wigdor, Jeanne M Christensen and Michael J Willemin, names Payne, Fox News and 21st Century Fox, among others, as defendants.

It alleges gender motivated violence, gender discrimination, retaliation and defamation.

It says that Payne and Hughes first started working together in April 2013, initially when he hosted Cavuto and then again as fellow panelists on Hannity.

It says that Payne offered to mentor Hughes in the months afterward, and that around July 9, Payne began pressuring her to give him her hotel room number over several hours.

She relented and agreed to a private conversation with him that night, the suit claims, but when he came to her room he began to sexually assault her, saying ‘You know you want this.’

‘You’ve been teasing me since that first time on set, wearing those short dresses over those long legs with your big boobs hanging out,’ he allegedly said.

Despite Hughes repeatedly telling Payne ‘no,’ he continued and she stopped fighting back, fearing ‘irreparable physical harm,’ the suit claims.

‘After he raped her, Payne disturbingly announced on his way out, “This changes things.”‘ the suit says.

He also suggested that he might be able to get Hughes the coveted ‘contributor’ status at Fox, which would mean she would be paid for exclusive appearances rather than commenting for free, according to the suit.

She had worked as a contributor for CNN during the presidential election.

The lawsuit claims that Hughes tried to shut down the relationship repeatedly, but that Payne responded ‘angrily and violently’ with ‘profanity-laced tirades’.

Her appearances on Fox dwindled and she was finally cut off in March 2016, allegedly after Payne’s wife complained to Shine about her husband’s relationship with Hughes.

That blacklisting led to her losing several potential roles in the Trump administration, after it found out she was ‘not bookable’ on Fox, the suit says.

Her booker was told by someone at another network that other channels were avoiding her because she ‘had an affair with someone at Fox and we were told not to book her.’

Hughes, a former Tea Party figure, says she was up for several roles in Trump’s administration but was dropped because Fox wouldn’t book her on its show

According to the suit, Hughes then called Paul Weiss to talk privately about Payne, at which point they proposed to her a ‘business solution’ rather than initiating a formal investigation that might ‘open a can of worms’.

However, Fox’s internal lawyers then nixed the ‘business solution,’ the suit alleges, saying that they demanded details from her manager in a June 26 phone call.

He refused to give information, and five hours later, intimate emails from Hughes to Payne were leaked to the National Enquirer in a deliberate act of smearing by Fox, the suit says.

It says her lawyer managed to stop the Enquirer from printing them, but that they then made their way to the Huffington Post, which reported on them on July 6.

‘Payne was suspended and reinstated after the evidence showed that he and Hughes had a consensual affair.’



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