Look What Was Stopped Seconds From Happening After Terrifying Change To Trump’s Security Gets Out

President Donald Trump arrived back in his home state of New York for a week of big meetings at the UN General Assembly. He arrived via helicopter in the Big Apple and was met by security on the tarmac who were there awaiting his arrival. However, hours before his landing, a change was announced within the Secret Service that would directly affect this trip.

After word of this sudden security change got out that would leave members of his family vulnerable, deranged liberals pounced on the opportunity. The ramifications could have been lethal but were stopped seconds before it could happen. Now, many people surrounding Trump and his loved ones, are reasonably on high alert as the week of meetings just began and the threat still lurks.


As a member of President Trump’s immediate family, you are automatically required to be protected around the clock, unless the Secret Service is told otherwise. Donald’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, his wife Vanessa, and their five young children have been watched at all hours of the day by Secret Service since his father became the president.

It’s stifling to have to live your life this way, especially for these parents who have done everything they have to give their children a “normal,” wholesome upbringing. The pressure and complete lack of privacy that they have dealt with since January finally resulted in Trump Jr and his wife canceling the protection of the Secret Service in exchange for getting some semblance of their privacy back, the Daily Mail reported.

Nobody can blame them for this move. However, the leftist news outlet, the New York Times, decided to do something different with the information.

At the same time that it was learned that Trump Jr and his family who live in New York City were going without Secret Service protection, it was also found out that President Trump’s right-hand woman, Kellyanne Conway, was also losing her protection. Conway’s cancellation of the Secret Service was for a much different reason, as the decision was made on her behalf after the Service declared that there a “reduction of threats” on Conway.

The New York Times came under fire after announcing these security changes with a different tone, calling some to question if the news outlet was trying to get Trump Jr killed.

Biz Pac Review reports:

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, along with colleague Nicholas Fandos, reported on the development, noting that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also dropped her protection.

The Times collaboration said the decisions “will provide relief for the Secret Service, which has had its work force and resources strained by the size and lifestyle of the Trump family and the president’s inner circle.”

…concerned as they are about an overtaxed Secret Service.

Noting the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and others at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia — The NY Times reported on these practices — national security reporter Mike Cernovich asked Haberman if she is trying to get the president’s namesake killed.

After seeing what happened when the Times reported where and what times the GOP Congressmen would be publicly practicing baseball, it was probably only a matter of seconds before someone started stalking Trump Jr and his family knowing that they are now vulnerable targets. Since they can’t get to the president, they will attack and threaten the next closest people.

Knowing that the dangers are clear and very present, New York City has dramatically increased street security in and around where the UN General Assembly is taking place, and are stopping anything that compromises security – including planned protests.

Daily Mail reports:

New York police and a host of federal agencies are preparing for the annual traffic and security nightmare known as the United Nations General Assembly, featuring a week of speeches by U.S. President Donald Trump and a parade of other dignitaries.

The meeting of the world’s top leaders and diplomats, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, will bring street closures, thousands of police officers and hundreds of protesters to midtown Manhattan, an area already plagued with gridlock on an average weekday. 

‘It’s the equivalent of the Super Bowl of security,’ said J. Peter Donald, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department. 

For now, Trump Jr and his family should be safe with New York City’s finest on duty in droves this week, which we can only assume is a problem for liberals considering what it’s going to cost taxpayers. However, once the meetings are over and Manhattan returns to how it was, we hope and pray that those close to the president without protection now, are spared any terrifying attempts of attack by a deranged individual.



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