SHOCKING Arrest Just Made Outside Trump Tower in NYC – Look Who Cops Just Hauled Off In Handcuffs

The politicians of today are willing to do just about anything for votes, including things that are completely illegal. I’m not just talking about some under the table gray areas (even though that’s bad enough). These days they’re willing to throw their lot in with the social justice warriors if it will win them some brownie points for election time.

Lawmakers are supposed to make laws, not break the old ones, and if one needs to be amended, there’s a process for that. Unfortunately, the stunts that many pull today show us that they don’t care about the way things are supposed to be done, they just care about acting like someone relatable and looking good for the cameras.

Things have gotten so bad that several lawmakers had to be arrested at a DACA repeal protest in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

These three Democrats are apparently ready to completely throw out the national law in favor of the bleeding heart approach that is sure to shipwreck our economy. So they’re out there, with all the non-lawyers and people who don’t actually know the law, many of whom don’t care about our country, only what they can milk from it because it looks good for their re-election campaign.

The local news KGUN9 reported on the first Congressman put into cuffs:

“NEW YORK (KGUN9-TV) – Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva was arrested in New York this morning in front of Trump Tower.

The Tucson area legislator was involved in a march protesting President Donald Trumps plans to end DACA, the order from then-President Obama protecting from deportation undocumented people who were brought to the U.S. when they were too young to have decided on their own to come to this country.

Grijalva has been a vocal critic of President Trump and his policies, and a strong advocate for protecting DACA recipients from deportation.”

Arizona, like many border states, has a huge problem with illegal immigration, and while you’d think that would make their congressmen interesting in stopping the flow of illegals, these crooks in thousand dollar suits just see potential lifetime Democrats. They’re not unlike drug dealers; they get people hooked on the government dole and then threaten to cut it off and see how fast those people run to vote for them. This is why the push to allow illegals to stay and allow illegals to vote have been skipping along hand in hand.

Young Cons discovered that it wasn’t just one politician involved in the event, there were in fact 3 who were taken into custody for their actions:

“It’s no secret that the liberal left has accepted violence as an acceptable form of protest.

It took months for Nancy Pelosi to condemn Antifa.

Liberal groups like Antifa literally tried to burn down Berkeley because someone that hurt their feelings was going to speak there.

We all know how the Black Lives Matter movement adopted violence and homicidal rhetoric.

But, it’s not just the protesters on the fringe that have lost touch with reality when it comes to obeying the law to get a point across.

Looks like there were actually 3 congressmen arrested.  All Democrats.”


Congressmen sitting in the street like children.

This seems to be a trend.

This is what people with no real policy argument do.

Luis and his crew don’t want to negotiate.

They want amnesty for everyone no questions asked.

They are trying to hijack the conversation and it isn’t going to work like it did when Obama was in charge.

Can’t we do better than this guys? How many Republican congressmen were arrested sitting in the street complaining about Obama’s insane policies?”

Republicans don’t tend to sit in streets. Probably because it’s generally inadvisable and because they have work to do.

It does make sense in the grand liberal scheme of things that they would expect people to just go around them if they’re having a bad day about something.

As a conservative, this is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels, but even if we could look at it from an unbiased perspective, it’s pretty crazy.

We send these politicians to Washington to represent us, as Americans. If we were to allow anyone who can get over the border in large enough numbers to just take over with their own agenda, that has its own name; an invasion.

If we let the illegals to sway our lawmakers into looking out for their interest until that’s all they look out for, we will have officially been taken over by Mexico, because those people are Mexican citizens. That will be the easiest takeover of a country ever. I’m not sure it will even be a takeover, we will have given it to them through our liberal bleeding heart logic that doesn’t allow us to require anyone to obey the law. You can be sure that if that does happen though, we won’t be afforded the same courtesy.



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