Barron Grossly Attacked After School While His Parents Are At UN Meetings – Someone’s About To PAY

The left is always saying that they are the party of love and tolerance, but that could not be further from the truth. These rabid liberals are quick to attack President Trump and everyone in his family and then have the audacity to say they are resisting hate. While their attacks on the adults in Trump’s family are distasteful, it is the attacks on Barron that are downright disgusting.

These rabid liberals have called Barron names, mocked his mannerisms, and even the way he dresses, all in the name of free speech with little to no consequences. However, that may be about to change after the latest attack on young Barron while his parents were attending U.N. meetings yesterday.

Seriously, these people make as much sense shoulder pads in the 80’s, right?

Over the weekend, President Trump shared a funny video of him hitting a golf ball that ends up smacking Hillary Clinton in the back causing her to fall down. Of course, the left went into a full meltdown saying that this video advocated violence against women and Clinton. 

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So, while Barron Trump was off at school, one of those tolerant liberals decided to attack Barron.

Danny Zuker, a producer for the left-leaning show Modern Family logged onto Twitter and made these tweets that has conservatives fuming.

For those Christians who never tire of insightful lectures from the legions of Christians-haters who know what “true Christianity” is all about, I give you Danny Zuker, producer of the sitcom Modern Family, who seems pretty secure in the knowledge that Christianity means no borders, no rule of law, and government via emotional blackmail.

After President Trump announced his decision to end President Barry’s illegal DACA program, Zuker flipped out on Twitter with this, “Dear Christians, if you support @realDonaldTrump’s decision to end DACA your Christianity is bullshit. But on the other hand, fuck you.”

For whatever reason, Zuker later deleted that tweet, but quickly returned with another nugget of deep, theological insight:

Who wants to bet that the millionaire Zuker lives behind either Hollywood walls or Hollywood gates?

Who wants to bet that not a single negative effect of DACA — the crimes, the job losses, the lower wages — has in any way ever touched or impacted Zuker’s gilded life.

It is shockingly easy to appear gracious and “correct” and virtuous when you’re a rich elitist living behind gates, working behind mammoth studio walls, and never coming into contact with the real world results of your limousine leftism.

As a Christian who makes a living in a field that is under no threat from an amnesty recipient, I cannot think of anything less Christian than to burden others — primarily America’s already disenfranchised working class, most especially in urban areas — with my do-gooderism. That is not Christianity. That is a selfish form of vanity, which is a sin.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to Christianity is that if the Danny Zukers of the world hate you, you are almost certainly doing it right.

Zuker and the rest of the progressive left are incredibly hateful people who have no right to point fingers at anyone. For starters, the video that Trump shared was a joke and caused no harm to anyone. Second of all, bringing Barron into his hateful bashing of President Trump was 100% uncalled for.

Seriously, for the love of God, leave the kids out of it already!

And, thirdly, attacking Christians and calling them names for enforcing our borders and respecting the Constitution that protects the rights of these liberals to mouth off is insanity.

These leftists are so filled with hate, they are willing to attack a young person like Barron in order to continue pushing their sick liberal agenda. These people will not stop until there are consequences for their actions. Sadly, it appears that someone is going to have to get hurt in order for these rabid liberals to understand they have crossed the line.



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