North Korea Prepares to Launch Ballistic Missile Day After Nuclear Testing

One day after North Korea performed its sixth nuclear weapons test, a South Korean official announced that North Korea seems to be preparing to launch a ballistic missile.

Threatening rhetoric from the North is escalating tensions quickly, and Kim Jong-Un remains defiant of international pressure to shut down its weapons programs.

After weeks of missile tests, it’s now known that North Korea has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States.

South Korea’s military has observed the preparations for a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test, Chang Kyung-soo, a South Korean Defense Ministry official, told lawmakers, The Associated Press reported.
[…] It was not immediately clear what sort of missile North Korea was preparing for a possible test. It first tested its new Hwasong-14 missile on July 4 and again on July 28. The second test showed the missile had a range of about 6,500 miles, which would put the western and central United States within range.
News of preparations for a possible missile test came as the South Korean Defense Ministry said the United States military would soon add four additional launchers for a missile defense system deployed in the country’s south, Yonhap reported.

Source: LiveMagazine



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