Days After Muslim Woman Whines About ‘Racist’ TSA Agents Searching Her At Airport, Feds Make Startling Discovery At Her Home

Lubana Adi, a writer for the Los Angeles Times wrote an article back in April of this year where she was complaining that Muslims were being targeted by the TSA at Los Angeles International Airport. She opined that this targeting was occurring because the TSA and its officers felt the 4 Amendment does not apply to Muslims. In short, it was the typical “woe is me” race card story.

Adi has accused TSA officers of groping her under her Hijab, making her empty her bags, and asking her invasive questions about cash she was carrying and what her travel plans entailed. The groping is highly unlikely as all TSA checkpoints have multiple security cameras everywhere, and if there was an inappropriate activity that a TSA officer performed, that officer would have likely already been fired. As for her other accusations regarding her having to empty her bags and answer invasive questions about the cash she was carrying and her travel plans, this is par for the course when going through security at the airport. Adi stated of the experience, “President Trump’s new security regime wastes yet more of our time and our taxpayer money and shows outright scorn for the spirit of the 4th Amendment.”

As is the case with folks like Lubana Adi who play the Islamaphobia race card, there was more to the story than she was telling. In the same Los Angeles Times, there was a story about a business owner by the name of Rashid Jijakli, who has been indicted for smuggling weapons and military gear to Jihadist fighters in Syria. Mr. Jijakli carried out his smuggling operation my moving weapons and military gear through Turkey to Syria. Incidentally, Lubana Adi was also traveling in April when she claims to have been abused by TSA officers. Yet the story in the Los Angeles Times about Mr. Jijakli’s smuggling operation to help terrorists sworn to destroy the United States of America is married to the same Lubana Adi who is accusing the TSA of wrongdoing. Coincidence?

The extra security, which Ms. Adi experienced, had nothing to do with Islamaphobia and everything to do with the fact that her husband has provided material support to a terrorist organization. Under these circumstances, it seems reasonable that TSA officers would screen her extra carefully to make sure she was not carrying any prohibited items or otherwise engaged in illegal activity.

The smuggling operation Lubana Adi’s husband ran started back in 2012. You can read the full indictment for Mr. Jijakli here, courtesy of the United States Justice Department. According to the DOJ, the smuggling operation Mr. Jijakli is accused of running provided rifle sights, night vision scopes, and various military grade weapons and hardware to terrorists in Syria via Turkey. The indictment also claims that Mr. Jijakli personally participated in the smuggling and is likely to have even participated in the fighting, which if true, would make him an enemy combatant and not just a weapons smuggler.

Despite the serious charges that Adi’s husband is facing she had the nerve to complain that the extra screening she went through was a waste of time and money. Her exact words were, “Like any loyal citizen, I want my country protected from any and all terrorist threats. But such ‘unreasonable searches’ are a waste of taxpayer money.” Apparently, she feels her husband is not a terrorist.

Assuming that Adi didn’t know what her husband was up to, the content which she posted on social media is surely enough to warrant her to be flagged by the TSA. She has gone on Facebook and claimed support for various terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and professed support for the Palestinian killing of Jews in Israel. Yet Adi and the mainstream media would have us believe that she was the victim of racism.

At the end of her “poor me” diatribe, Adi even had the nerve to claim she has no terrorist ties. “Is America safer when agents spent hours interrogating an American citizen with no criminal record or terrorist associations?” Adi does not have a criminal record, but she does, in fact, have ties to terrorists and terrorist organizations. And yes, Adi, to answer your question, we are safer–safer when TSA officers do their job and search you thoroughly because your husband is a terrorist and weapons smuggler.

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