POLITICS BREAKING: Eric Bolling Alleged ‘Accuser’ Comes Clean…

Fox News host Eric Bolling was suspended from the network on Saturday after he was accused of sexual harassment. However, one of his alleged “accusers” has just step up to clarify that she was never harassed by Bolling in any possible way.

Bizpac Review reported that after Bolling was suspended, rumors started that he texted unsolicited photos of male genitalia to two colleagues at Fox Business Network and one colleague at Fox News. The name of former Fox News Channel contributor Michelle Fields quickly came up, with sources claiming that she was one of the women. Fields, however, took to her Twitter page to come clean and end these rumors.

“False. Im not one of the women in @yashar‘s story & Eric Bolling was nothing but professional when I worked w/ him. Pls stop spreading lies,” Fields wrote.This comes as many of Bolling’s supporters are saying that this is but a ploy by the left to shut down conservative, pro-Trump voices. What Fields tweeted certainly supports this, as she testified to the high quality character Bolling has.

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