New RECORD For President Donald Trump… Look at This Poll of Approval Ratings – Are You Proud of Him?

People who supported him no matter what will never regret their decision. On the other hand, the people who did not support him will regret because the President just got the highest approval ratings ever. His decisions are making this country better day by day so here is how the newest poll stationed our President.

One ABC News/Washington Post poll stationed Trump’s approval rating at 42 percent, accompanied by a disapproval rating of 53 percent. More so, the average for previous presidents near 100 days in office is 69 percent approval and 19 percent disapproval, ABC noted.

Additionally, the poll found 67 percent are certain the Democratic party is very distant from the issues of the everyday Americans. On top of that, Trump also got high rankings for insisting and fighting for companies to remain in the U.S. (73 percent) and 51 percent approved of his missile strike on Syria from not too long ago.

The specifics of the poll were: 1,004 adults surveyed April 17-20 with an error margin of 3.5 percentage points.

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