Congress Wants To CANCEL Barack Obama’s Pension! Here Is Why:

Barack Obama has been behaving terribly ever since he left the White House. And because of his actions, Congress has put him on their watch.

He for sure wasn’t the “people’s president,” and there’s no reason the U.S citizens should be subsidizing his lavish lifestyle.
 USA Today reported that Congress is taking another look at a bill that would cancel pension payments to past presidents if they earn $400,000 or more in a fiscal year.

Unsurprisingly, Obama himself vetoed that bill when it was first introduced.

 Obama had already put the wheels of his post-presidency cash machine in place and wasn’t about to let Congress derail his plans.

But now that he’s out, Congress is going after Obama.

In response to the USA Today report that Obama’s earnings could trigger congressional action, House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Jason Chaffetz responded:

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