Some News About Obama’s Birth Certificate

As if we didn’t already know, Barack Obama was everything that a president shouldn’t be. As of today, it’s official that Barack was a total fraud.

It’s a common knowledge that he did everything in his power to destroy our beautiful country. We all know that he used to say how much he worked for every American and how he’s going to bring back the hope to this country.

Ironically, all that he gave is was despair and inequalities. Things that we can feel to this day. As he tried to change our country, today, it hit him hard as a rock. What he didn’t know back then is that President Trump will become the next president of the United States.

However, maybe one of his worst lies is what shook America to its core. And his biggest lie is what made him the President of the United States. That is his birth certificate which was manufactured in order Obama to participate in the elections.

The Examiner reported:

“Obama’s birth certificate has been under intense scrutiny, being investigated by President Trump himself numerous times. But, as he was a liberal, nothing was ever done to investigate it further. Obvious, this man being in office was a sham and he needs to see criminal action taken against him.”

“Italian investigators proved that his birth certificate was a fake after intense investigations took place. Barack Obama did so much harm to our country that we are just now seeing things get better.”

This is a terrible thing to know that the ex-President who has been on top of our country for 8 straight years have been faking his birth certificate all this time. It’s just enraging!

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