Obama Violated Logan Act – He Still Thinks He Is POTUS

Ex-President Barack Obama has been spending his summer time practicing his acts of being a President. During the trip he had to Indonesia, Obama was engaged in his “shadow government” style trying to discredit our recent President ad was tripping that he still has the authority of being a President. Donald Trump had a firm message being delivered to him on the way Obama’s actions are actually violating the Logan Act.

 Barack Obama has not stopped acting the same way he acted while being a President, as he met with the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, this Monday. The media reported that during the 40-minutes discussion Moon shared to Obama his experience and impressions of meeting Donald Trump and Obama was allegedly advising South Korean President how to improve the international relations with the USA.

Republicans are mad and anxious about Obama’s “shadow Presidency.” Nevertheless, Obama will now have to face the disturbing truth that he has actually broken the Logan Act. The Logan Act is a law which has a punishment in a form of a fine or imprisonment planned for unauthorized citizens which are consulting and conferring with nations which do not have really good relations with America.
As Barack Obama gets back to the USA, he will be really shocked by Newt Gingrich and President Donald Trump in regards to the law he has been violating.

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