Supreme Court Ruled – Illegal Immigrants In USA Will Not Posses The Same Rights As Americans

Earlier, The Supreme Court has made a huge decision. They have ruled that migrants who stay in the USA without legal documents will not have the legal right to sue somebody in case they think some of their rights have been violated. The policy was approved by a 5-4 simple majority vote. The Supreme Court once again let every US citizen know that those illegal aliens are simply illegal in this state, therefore should never be treated more than or the same as us, the Americans.

This means that if an immigrant gets arrested, and he happens not to have the legal document, he can not be able to get a federal or a private lawyer, neither will he be able to get a speedy trial in the USA.

Apparently, they all have the exclusive right to get a bus ride to the state they came from, or to apparently seek a legal citizenship like some other immigrants do. This also implies that the sanctuary cities are not authorized to interfere with the job of the federal agencies or stop them from acting inside the cities and gathering the immigrants for deportation.

Hopefully, the day will come when the liberals will come to acknowledge that America, while Donald Trump is President, the federal government will put the US citizens on the top of the priority list. Everyone else, people who come from some other nations which are not in a direct danger, or people who plan to bomb themselves as well as everything around them, should never be welcomed.

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