Laura Ingraham potential candidate to replace Sean Spicer as White House press secretary

Right now I guarantee there’s no one in America with more on their mind than President Donald Trump. There are numerous issues in the White House that need Trump’s immediate attention, like the Russia case for example, and the new healthcare reform.

However, despite the fact that he has only been in office for almost seven months, President Trump has surprised us at how quickly he works, making good on many of the promises he has made whilst on the campaign trail, and no doubt that he will keep each and every one of his promises before his tenure expires, all of this in spite of liberal Democrats who have ceaselessly opposed the president and his team about every little thing.

One of the more important things on Trump’s mind right now is the fact that his White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, will be taking on another, still unknown position at the White House, leaving the slot for press secretary open.

As with most situations like this, speculations vary on who could Trump’s potential replacement for Spicer be. One of the top candidates to replace Sean, according to some Republicans, is Laura Ingraham. Laura got security clearances recently which suggests that she is a potential candidate to be the official White House spokesperson.

This is still a developing event and detailed information is scarce. However, Ingraham seems like the perfect choice to replace Spicer for this position in the White House.

Trump has had his issues with Spicer on several occasions, that much is clear, which is why his next pick for this position must be a person he completely trusts, no matter how perfect that person is, it will not be enough to pacify the raving liberals.

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