New Piece Of The Seth Rich’s Puzzle Exposed

This is huge! Seth Rich’s investigation is slowly reaching its climax. We will be happy if you share this post and spread this very important piece of the puzzle.

As you already know, Set Rich was murdered 12 days before WikiLeaks released the controversial material that compromised the DNC and basically destroyed Hillary’s electoral campaign. However, the police department from DC remained silent and the mainstream media ignored this very suspicious case.

Seth Rich was a top ranked DNC staffer. The private investigation these days leaked many important things about the murder. Seth Rich’s case is registered as ”ATTEMPTED ROBBERY”. However, all of Seth’s values were on him. This makes the ‘robbery’ version totally wrong.

On Seth’s laptop were found 30k emails leaked directly to WikiLeaks. Now, are you ready?

The Police Chief who oversaw Seth Rich’s unsolved murder case is Cathy Lanier and she has been honored alongside key Hillary Clinton advisers and Seth Rich own boss at the Democratic National Committee! Cathy Lanier is the person who is directly responsible why Seth Rich’s case remained still a mystery, reports RSW.

During the same month after Rich was killed, Cathy Lanie, who is very close to Hillary’s wing of the Democratic party, was promoted a position running security for the NFL. She is also head of the Washington Police Foundation board together with HEATHER PODESTA- JOHN PODESTA’S BROTHER! This man was maybe one of the people who is supposed to hate the leakers the most.

NOW TAKE A LOOK AT THIS PICTURES TOP DEMOCRATS BELOW AND Cathy Lanier. This is the ELLE Hugo Boss’ 2015 Women in Washington Power List Dinner. There are the top Democrats and also Amy Dacy, the former CEO of the DNC who resigned quickly after Seth Rich was murdered. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE CONNECTED BUT IN THE END- Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

We just reported in the past couple of days that she demanded the laptop of her own staffer(who’s under investigation) back.

All these people are shady and connected to each other. The mainstream media is able to post random fake news stories from some unknown, from God knows where, unknown sources, but ALL OF THEM, including FOX, ignore the Seth Rich story.

That’s symptomatic and makes the suspicion even bigger. We must not ignore this. If that man died for the good of the American nation- then it is our duty to pay back. Stop the liberal elites!

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