Obama Met With Warren Buffet: What Is He Up To NOW?

Everything points to the fact that former president Barack Obama just won’t go. Why isn’t he just enjoying his free time with a cocktail in his hand or just playing golf? No, Obama would rather find a new way to take President Donald Trump down. We’ve seen him creating a shadow government to achieve his goal. We’ve heard him talk about it. But, that’s not going to work for him. Obama is exposed!

Reporters caught him visiting Silicon Valley. This wouldn’t be that bad if he wasn’t spotted meeting tech bosses. Guess who was next on the list… Warren Buffett. This is the first time Obama goes to the Bay Area since the moment his presidency ended. NBC reported that Obama and Buffett had lunch on Sunday. What were they talking about? This wasn’t just a regular lunch, that’s for sure.

Warren Buffer received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. So, can we say that liberals are building a machinery against the newly elected President? It has to be deeper than this.

You don’t usually see a former president having lunch with Buffett. What will he use all those billions for? Maybe strengthen his shadow government?

This can’t be any good. Obama is up to something, and hopefully, we will find out about it before he proceeds with his plans. His plans involve President Donald Trump, and not in a good way, we must say. We must stop him!

The biased media won’t tell you that the former president stole $78 million for his close friend. This will be buried with the other “stuff” Obama did during his years in office. We can only hope that this won’t get too far.

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