Tax Audit: Obama Hiding Taxpayers’ Millions in Offshore Accounts

This might turn out to be the most “legacy damaging” story in the last 10 years! It looks like the US Treasury made “Royalty Payments for Obamacare” to the sum of $411 million that were sent through three offshore accounts under the name of Barry Soetoro, LCC.

These payments went towards covering expenses and royalties associated with naming the Obamacare Bill from 2010. But, the payments were stopped after the bill was renamed the Affordable Care Act.

These are some of the most important points about this subject:

  • Payments were made for the naming of and royalties associated with Obamacare.
  • These payments were to a company registered as Barry Soetoro, LCC.
  • Barack Obama has denied many times that Barry Soetoro is an alias he uses.
  • Someone, behind the naming of Obama care is clearly called  Barry Soetoro.
  • The payments were made into three accounts spread across the Caymen Islands, Ireland and Caledonia.
  • The payments came from the US Treasury.

The question now is – Who is Barry Soetoro? Is he someone who is being influenced, or is he made up? According to sources, whoever he is he hasn’t paid taxes on the money in the US. That’s almost $170 million in unpaid taxes and that’s quite a lot of money. This needs to be investigated right away!

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