Trey Gowdy With More Evidence Against Clinton

Last month, the raid on the Clinton compound in New York had some really interesting results, even though they came by accident.

With a warrant in their hands, the Federals found a murderer and they locked him away, but they also found some proof that will demolish Hillary Clinton’s defense.

The head of the Committee to Convict Clinton – Trey Gowdy had something to say about this. Here is his statement:

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, are the 43 so – called ‘destroyed’ Blackberries that the secretary testified under oath had been smashed with hammers as a matter of national security. They were buried in a strongbox near the site of the kill room found at the Chapaquadda Ranch.

We also found fake passports and nearly a million dollars in cash, as well as what those in high – level spying or politics call a ‘GO BAG’ complete with keys to unknown vehicles, 4 guns, a few days worth of water and some rations. What we have here is one of probably many such like it around the country and across the world.

The Clinton crew may be down on their knees, but knowing their deep ties with every section of our society, it will be definitely very hard to bring them right before with the face of the justice. Even right now, they are looking at this, laughing and thinking they are untouchable and that the law can not do anything to them because they are the ”chosen elite”.

We sure support Mr. Gowdy to push his work, no matter the obstacles.

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