Ted Cruz Goes Hard On Paul Ryan And Mitch McConnell

Democrats have reached the highest level of hypocrisy, and they still forget that President Donald Trump is in charge of our country. Their electoral nightmare caused an almost irreversible damage to the Democrat Party. But, Hillary’s friends are still trying to play their little game, and use every shady trick they hide in their pockets. They are not the only people who try to do anything like this. Well, Ted Cruz has to say something about this, and Paul Ryan won’t like it at all. The same applies to Mitch McConnell.

Democrats believe they have the right to do anything without being called out. Truth is, they are well aware of their weakness, and now try to play hard on Republicans. It’s funny how most Democrats believe they should be involved in special laws that don’t apply to “common people.”

The anti-Trumps have tried to criticize Republicans about the alleged hypocrisy. GOP members of the Senate don’t seem quite interested in immunizing their health plans from the regular healthcare policy changes, but they are left with almost no choice.

Senator Ted Cruz is trying to nullify the exemption, and the bill needs 60 votes to contribute to a major change.

“While this exemption was included in the Senate health care bill out of procedural necessity, we must still be diligent in ensuring that Members of Congress are treated just like other Americans under this law. This is an issue of fundamental fairness. Lawmakers are not above the laws that they pass and I believe that it is crucial that Members of Congress abide by the same laws that their own constituents follow,” Sen. Cruz stated.

The latest web ad from Save My Care says it all. The group has been fighting against any attempt to repeal and replace the law that worked under former president Barack Obama.

“Senators did make the bill better for one group of Americans… themselves,” the ad claims.

Well, this is something we should take care of. Let’s hope that President Donald Trump will take the matter in his own hands, and solve the problem before it causes any greater damage.

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