OMG Chelsea Handler Goes After Trump’s Entire Family Now: ‘Is Anyone Dumber Than Donald Trump, Besides…’

Chelsea Handler likes to utilize her stage as a ‘big name’ to assault the Trump organization.

Before, she said that Melania would need to be on medications to lay down with Donald Trump as her husband…

What’s more, when Kathy Griffin got headlines for holding up a chopped head of our leader, Handler expressed that all individuals just have to “proceed onward.”

Because if you ask Handler, Kathy Griffin didn’t do anything bad, she just wanted to make us laugh…

This Tuesday, she logged on Twitter to attack everybody in Trump’s family, including Barron.

Here’s what excatly Handler has tweeted:

She was probably seeking for her followers to giggle and to praise her, however she had something else coming.

With that one she attacked Barron as well, he is just a kid after all, right? Check out how this guy replied:

Tons of critics were pointed to her:

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