Hillary Clinton About Halloween: ‘I Will Dress Up As Donald Trump, It’s Going To Be Hilarious And…’

Unsuccessful presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a joke about dressing up as president Donald Trump for Halloween.

During an occasion in Chicago where she was promoting her latest book “What Happened”, Clinton was asked about what she was intending to wear for Halloween,

“I have to start thinking about it,” she stated. “I think I will maybe come as the president!”

On the subject of her losing to Donald Trump, Clinton conceded that “there were times when I was tempted to just pull the covers over my head.”

Regardless of recent claims which affirm Peter Schweizer’s record in his smash hit book “Clinton Cash” about the criminal strategies behind Clinton’s involvement in the Russia’s uranium contract, Clinton said that the U.S. was presently in “a new kind of cold war” with Russia.

“The Russians are still playing on anything they can to turn Americans against one another,”she stated, also saying that companies like Facebook and Google should be “part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

It’s obvious that Hillary Clinton will never accept her defeat in the 2016 election. So the only thing that she can do is cracking some “jokes” about our president who is doing a great job by the way.

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