Hillary: ’Trump Has No Empathy, He Points Fingers After Every Incident And Tries To Set Americans Against…’ (VIDEO)

 Recently on Comedy Central’s “Every day Show,” previous Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had some harsh words for President Trump’s reaction to the recent terror assault in New York City by stating that the president must not “point fingers,” or set individuals against each other and added that Trump “doesn’t have any empathy.”

Hillary stated, “Well, it’s so disappointing, Trevor. Because, you know, I was a senator from New York on 9/11. I was with President Obama through a lot of difficult decisions as his secretary of state.”

She added, “I obviously, saw my husband responding to tragedies, attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing.”

“And what you want in a president is what I think the three men I just mentioned delivered, and that is trying to bring the country together, talk about what happened with the event that they are concerned about, but not to point fingers, not to scapegoat, not to try to set Americans against each other. ”

“And, unfortunately, that just is not part of the job that our current president accepts or is willing to perform. You know, of course he can have his own point of view and push his policies.”

“That goes with the job. But not to continue to divide Americans against each other. So, he just doesn’t have any empathy. “

“And you can disagree with somebody over all kinds of partisan issues, but you want to have a president who can try to put himself into the shoes, the feelings of somebody else. And he has not been able to do that.”

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