Mexican Residents: ‘Trump Constantly Does Things To Humilate Mexican People, These Walls Are…’

Steel models, standing 30 feet tall, of President Donald Trump’s proposed wall divider close to the Otay Mesa border crossing, are making Mexican natives right over the border feel like “outsiders.”

“That’s how it looks with things like (the wall): They view us as outsiders. The worst thing is, it’s being built by Latinos themselves,” student Paola Gomez, 21, says, who can hear the commotion of the wall’s development from her home.

“They need Mexicans and other undocumented people. They save lots of money with us,”Manuela Altamirano, 42, announced.

She as well proceeded, “Trump constantly does things to humiliate the Mexican people … These walls are like monsters he created, like a border Frankenstein.”

While the campaign was running, Trump vowed to fabricate a wall-divider on the southern border to decrease the movement of illicit migration and the transfer of drugs and other illegal activities. The improvement period of the border wall divider venture finished this Thursday, starting a 30-day time of tests led by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

A little gathering of protesters on the Mexican side of the border flamed a pinata similar to Trump a weekend ago. “We’re not adversaries,” coordinator Sergio Tamay of migrant shelter Angels Without Borders announced.

Many Mexican citizens took issue with “Latino labor” building the wall, defining them only by their ethnicity and not by nationality. It’s to this idea that the entire immigration debate is being waged, with the legality of immigration or citizenship status almost entirely neglected.

American citizenship is presented on individuals who take after existing migration law, regardless of ethnicity. The wall-divider is developed to secure the order of law and the power of the American individuals, which incorporates a wide range of ethnic foundations. The wall-divider isn’t planned to anticipate migration, it’s motivation is to encourage legitimate execution of existing migration laws.

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