Rep. Ron DeSantis: ‘Now We Are Sure, Without A Doubt, Hillary And The Democratic Party Colluded With…’

(R-FL) talked with Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow this Thursday in regards to a proposed Mueller alteration to restrain the special counsel investigation to between March 2015 and the present, and furthermore the tax change in the House.

Here’s a part of his expression for Breitbart News:

“We know now without a shadow of a doubt that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, paid Fusion GPS and Steele to acquire this dossier, which required colluding with Russian operatives and Russian nationals.”

“So, they produced this dossier and I believe, yesterday I called for the FBI, the Justice Department to declassify all the FISA applications involving Trump associates because what I think happened is, I think they used the information from this dossier to be able to get surveillance on Trump and his associates.”

He as well proceeded with:

“And then the fruits of that.”

“Formed the basis of what had been leaked to the press over the first three or four months of Trump’s White House.”

DeSantis likewise talked about the Uranium One scandal and the pending tax change in detail. You can listen the entire interview here.

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