Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Angry White Terrorists Are A Bigger Threat To Our Country Than Muslim Terrorists Because We Don’t Know How To…’

Recently, everybody is discussing the awful assault that happened Tuesday evening on a Manhattan bicycle path. The attacker, who was arrested after he was shot by the cops, was Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, an Uzbekistan citizen who got a permit issued in Tampa, Florida.

Saipov leased a truck from Home Depot and drove it onto a bicycle way — murdering eight individuals and hurting more than twelve.

This subject came up on ABC’s “The View,” and it was very quickly connected to the massacre that happened in Las Vegas and the possibility of connecting the tragedies with political events:

Meghan McCain: What makes conservatives crazy is when you’re like, “Oh, we can’t talk about people being radicalized, about radical Muslims existing.” And at the same time, by the way, the shooter in Las Vegas it’s horrific. It should certainly be called terrorism. I called it terrorism immediately. But this gentleman, why he is so insane is because he was wealthy, he was white, he had no criminal background whatsoever, so there’s not a trend with that.

Sunny Hostin: Well, most mass shooters are white men.

McCain: But they’re not normally wealthy men that make over, I believe, $1 million.

Joy Behar: We don’t know his motivation still.

Whoopi Goldberg: But, you know — what the difference is when you say yes, and he was screaming this, you immediately put in your mindset all the stuff that you’ve heard. When you have a white male terrorist, people don’t — you know, you don’t have the same response as you have when you say he was yelling honor to Allah, whatever he was yelling.

Hostin: That is the profile of a white male shooter. So what are we gonna do now? Should all white males be extracted from the country? Should they be extremely vetted?

Sara Haines: There are white men that are radicalized. We have people flying from Minnesota to train with ISIS.

Whoopi Goldberg: “But the bottom line is, when you talk about radical terrorists, you are describing a specific group of people. When we talk about terrorism, we don’t talk about — they don’t like to talk about domestic terrorism because it opens a door to a question that they can’t answer. Which is how do we deal with these angry white men who are wanting to shoot people up, who think all women should be doing this, who think all brown people should be … How do we deal with that?”

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