Illegal Alien on MSNBC: ‘President Trump Is A Huge Threat To OUR Communities, He Is Destroying Us With His…’

An illegal immigrant named Grease Martinez, went on national TV and showed up on MSNBC to rage to America about the activities President Donald Trump is doing. She guaranteed that Trump is “a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

Did she say American communities? What’s more, I have news for Ms. Martinez. President Trump is not even remotely near a threat to our nation. He is making a brilliant work of reestablishing our communities and taking the order back to America.

During the interview with MSNBC here’s what this lady has stated:

“For people like myself that are undocumented and have undocumented family members, it’s been clear from day one that he wants to enact mass deportation. He wants to deport me and my mother. That is crystal clear for all of us. But this in and out and softening or not is just erratic behavior and concerning to our country.”

Is this woman joking? There is a justifiable reason that President Trump doesn’t bolster illegal movement. It is costing American citizens billions of dollars to enable illegal foreigners to flood our nation by the masses. We just cant can’t allow to house and bolster the individuals who are in our nation illegally and not doing their part to pay all the taxes like us the real Americans.

She as well proceeded with:

“As someone whose father was deported eight years ago, I understand the pain that brings to communities. But Donald Trump wants to make something that’s already bad and toxic and make it worse. He has promised to increase the force by triple in the community. He has promised to deport people like myself and my families and U.S. citizen children along with them. So I think that Donald Trump is a threat to the way of life in our communities.”

The issue with Martinez’s announcement is that she’s basically off-base. President Trump, alongside most by far of Republicans, have no issues with foreigners. The issue is that extremely many individuals are exploiting American system, for example, Welfare, and in the process depleting our economy and our assets.

There is nothing wrong with settlers legally gaining their citizenship in America. We will welcome legitimate migrants with open arms and open hearts.

You can witness the entire interview in the video below:

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “MSNBC.

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