Barbra Streisand: ‘Trump Won Because Uneducated People Voted For Him, Strong And Educated Women Like Hillary Are Underestimated Because…’

Movie star Barbra Streisand talked about Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 election race to Donald Trump, stating that “strong women have always been suspect.”

“Women are still so underestimated,” Streisand stated in a meeting with WYNC, as indicated by Page Six. “It’s incredible to watch even this last election with Hillary, the kind of strong woman, the powerful woman, the educated woman, the experienced woman, being thought of as the other, or too elite, or too educated.”

Streisand, who has always been a fan of Hillary Clinton, participated in a number of fundraisers for her campaign, and has been criticizing President Trump for a long time.

“It’s, exceptionally odd to me, and it was heartbreaking for her to lose,” stated Streisand, and she added that“power and women has always been suspect. Strong women have always been suspect … in this country.”

In the 2016 race, Clinton had more success with ladies, generally speaking, than Trump, picking up 54 % of female voters, while Trump picked 42 %, as indicated by Vox.

The Republican had more success than Clinton with white ladies — he won 53 % of white female voters, and was better than Clinton among white female voters who are not highly educated.

“There has long been a misconception that women voters vote by their gender identity instead of their party,”stated Rutgers University’s Kelly Dittmar.

 “To try to talk about women as a single voting bloc, but to neglect to look at the crosstabs, to neglect to look at the differences in race, age, education, creates this false shock.



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