Democrat Tom Steyer: ‘Trump Has To Be Impeached As Soon As Possible, If He Remains Our President There Will Be…’

Extremely rich Democrat Tom Steyer is determined that his party must impeach President Donald Trump as soon as possible — and he states that waiting is a huge mistake.

“The fact of the matter is that we believe he is dangerous to the American people now,” he stated for UK Guardian. “We believe that waiting is a mistake and we believe the events that will occur over the next year will show that we are right.”

Steyer did not indicate the specific measures that his party should take, however he was most likely considering more criminal accusations coming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation about the Russia’s role in the 2016 race.

So far, Mueller has delivered two prosecutions for tax evasion, but no genuine confirmation of a plot between Trump’s administration and the Russian government.

Steyer published a $10 million advertisement video putting pressure on Congress to impeach Donald Trump — however the reason for this action stay unknown. Under the Constitution, Congress has the right to do this, regardless of the possibility that he wasn’t engaged in any criminal activity.

In any case, Steyer has been constantly obstructed by number of Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who thinks that this kind of action won’t bring much political advantage.

Pelosi allegedly disclosed to her Democratic partners a week ago that Steyer’s action is a liability. On Sunday, she revealed to CNN’s State of the Union that process of impeachment is “not someplace that I think we should go.”Just a couple of Democrats have so far supported impeachment as a favored game-plan.

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