The Woman Who Flipped Off President Trump’s Motorcade: ‘I Don’t Regret It And I’d Do It Again Because…’

Single parent, 50, is fired from her activity at an administration firm and escorted from the working place in the wake of uncovering she was the lady who flipped off President Trump’s motorcade.

The cycling devotee who gave President Trump some appropriately harsh criticism a month ago when she flipped off his motorcade while she was on a bicycle ride is uncovering she heard a f-word of her own not long after the occurrence.

Juli Briskman, 50, revealed to The Washington Post that she was fired from her position at the Virginia-based marketing firm Akima hours after she recognized herself as the lady in the photograph.

The single parent, who has two young kids at home, asserts that she was taken into a space, told that she disregarded a segment of conduct that is illustrated in the organization’s online networking strategy and escorted out of the working place with a carton of her items.

That unceremonious dumping did little to influence Briskman to change her activities however, with the recently jobless executive reacting an inquiry concerning any conceivable regrets by expressing: ‘I’d do it again.’

That announcement was affirmed on Briskman’s Facebook page, where her standard picture was changed to the now-popular picture of her one-fingered salute only two days before she recognized herself as the lady in the photograph to her managers at Akima.

Given the justification for her end, no doubt her choice to post that banner picture was what eventually prompted her losing her job.

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