Mike Huckabee Bashes Both Bush Presidents For Attacking President Trump

The Bush family recently made headlines when they launched a strike against President Trump, which was somewhat unexpected from them. Both of the former presidents revealed their true identity in a new book about the relationship between the father and the son by delivering some rather harsh comments about President Trump.

Via Conservative Patriot:

The elder Bush even admitted that he did not vote for their party’s nominee Donald Trump. This only looks like they have turned against their party.

Mike Huckabee wasn’t pleased by Bush’s comments and immediately fired back, bringing to light a very interesting fact. On Twitter, the former Governor of Arkansas slap the truth in their face and exposed their biggest nightmare. Although the Bushes didn’t gave their vote to Donald Trump, he got more votes than them.

“Beyond disgusting to see Bushes trash realDonaldTrump who got more votes than them. Voted for Hillary-Reallary?,” Huckabee tweeted, as a response to the harsh rhetoric by the both Presidents Bush. Huckabee also condemns them for voting for the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

In the book titled “The Last Republicans: Inside the Extraordinary Relationship Between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush” by the historian Mark Updegrove, George W. Bush expresses his worries that Trump may be the last Republican president.

The elder Bush in the book says he considers Trump a “blowhard,” who is only interested in feeding his own “ego.” And former President George W. Bush also delivered cruel words for Trump saying, “This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president.”

The true Republicans like Mike Huckabee won’t forgive them for what they have said about Trump. They criticized him for the great things he is doing for the country and the people, things they could not do when they were leadint our country.

Former President Bush betrayed our country and the GOP, which is currently not that surprising, given Sen. McCain’s constant blows at the GOP. These destructive attacks at the Republican Party are only slowing down the progress which President Trump intends to make.

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