Cher: ‘Donald Trump Is A Liar And An Insane Sociopathic Narcissist, I Hope That Hillary Will Finally…’

Vocalist and Hillary Clinton supporter Cher guarded herself Wednesday after she was pointedly criticized for utilizing charged language, including references to Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler to assault Donald Trump at a recent Clinton occasion.
The Goddess of Pop who has over and over offended Trump via social media has compared the land investor Sunday to the two tyrants previously contrasting him with Patty McCormack in the 1956 American thriller, “The Bad Seed,” at a fundraising occasion in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Cher’s remarks – part of an unscripted speech acquainting Clinton with the gathered group, which warmly got the comments – were posted on Facebook before being noted by The New York Times. The pop symbol was broadly censured for the remarks, however she stayed insubordinate on Twitter.

“Had I Known I’d Get Such Vicious Hate 4 Supporting Hillary, I Would Have Done It Anyway,” Cher announced on Wednesday. “We Seem 2 b a Country DIVIDED. Its Like a Civil War.

Supporting Clinton at the fundraiser, Cher called Trump a “consummate liar” and an “insane and sociopathic narcissist.”

She included:

“I was thinking all the despots, you know, Stalin, Hitler, but then I thought, even though they said the same things ‘we’re going to make Germany great again’ and it was at a time when the Deutsche Mark I think was 25 cents. And also, like, look at Brexit. These people just screw(ed) themselves so badly because they were angry and they didn’t think it could get worse.”

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