Actor Tom Hanks: ‘Trump Is Monkeying Around With Our Constitution, He Brought Us To A Level Where…’

In a meeting with David Axelrod for CNN’s “The Axe Files,” movie star Tom Hanks stated that it “concerns” how President Donald Trump is treating the press.

As per Hanks, the Trump organization’s “insidious” conduct to “denigrate” outlets like CNN and The Washington Post assists “plan and agenda filled” foundations.

“As an American, it concerns me, because it’s monkeying around with our Constitution,” Hanks stated to Axelrod in the recent meeting.

“It’s relatively obvious, I think, as what is trying to go forward. When you tear down these institutions to a level to [where] you can’t believe anything that is in any of them, that raises the stock of those agenda-filled other institutions.”

“So that if you can’t believe them, well that means you get to believe some of the other stuff that is in these and so, what is happening is that dilution of the great — they’re throwing dirt and oil into a bucket of water.”

Tom Hanks was always a strong critic to President Trump, even before he became our President. Back then he stated that “dark times” are ahead of us if Trump wins the election.

In a more recent statement back in September, he said that we will somehow manage to survive under Trump and we will learn from this mistake.

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