“Duck Dynasty” Star Willie Robertson: ‘Mr. Trump Is A Real Leader, He Represents…’

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump amid his presidential campaign, he even had a speech at the Republican National Convention.

“You know, it’s like you respect people, and try to love people, and help people, and that’s who I was behind,”he stated about Trump.

“And, you know, lo and behold, when I was behind him, I don’t think anyone was at the time. That was pretty early.”

Presently after one year into the Trump organization, Willie Robertson has announced:

“Mr. Trump is a real leader,” the Duck Dynasty star has expressed.

“He represents success and strength, two attributes our country needs.”

Willie Robertson additionally expressed that the United States will be in great hands with Donald Trump, whom he accepts has the business hacks to enhance the country’s economy and get control over government exceed.

“In my life I’ve had less money and now I’ve had more money. You can do a lot more when you have some money in your pocket and this country, the debt we’re in, we’re not going to be able to help anybody, much less ourselves, if we don’t get out of this debt.”

“So I like the guy. If you’re that successful in New York City, you have to learn to work with a lot of different people … He knows big numbers and all that and that made me feel good.”

Robertson, whose A&E program is a standout amongst the best television shows ever, said he trusted the essence of Trump’s win came down to validness.

“I was so proud that all those red areas, that their voice was heard … And they’re the ones that do go fishing,”Robertson added.

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