After Liberals Try to Derail The Trumps’ Marriage, Melania Unleashes Hell Fire

First Lady Melania Trump has been berated this week by liberal media outlets saying that she and President Trump are having trouble in their marriage after recent allegations that Trump had an affair with a porn star. These allegations have been denied by Trump himself, yet the mainstream media continues to broadcast invasive news reports about the Trump marriage.

On Friday, Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, unleashed a firestorm against liberals which left them utterly defenseless!

“The laundry list of salacious & flat-out false reporting about Mrs. Trump by tabloid publications & TV shows has seeped into ‘main stream media’ reporting. She is focused on her family & role as FLOTUS – not the unrealistic scenarios being peddled daily by the fake news.”

Melania spent the weekend in West Palm Beach but will be heading back to the White House this week. She has grown frustrated over the press constantly publishing lies on her and her family. Last year, Melania put out a statement that SLAMMED anyone publishing disparaging info on her.

“It is sad when people try to further their own agenda by commenting on me and my family, especially when they don’t know me.”

Both Trump and Melania have assured the public that theirs is a happy marriage. They have a beautiful son, Barron, and are working together to make our country great again! It’s time for the media to butt out!




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