At Children’s Hospital, Melania Leans Down and Receives an INCREDIBLE Gift From One Little Girl

President Trump and First Lady Melania departed the White House Monday morning for a brief visit to Cincinnati, Ohio.

President Trump was set to tour and speak at the Sheffer Corporation, which specializes in hydraulic components and custom cylinders.

While Trump was touring the factory, First Lady Melania and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway met and played with children at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

The pair were briefed on local neonatal opioid crisis issues, in an effort to bring these issues more media attention.

After the briefing, Trump and Conway met with other young children and handed out Valentine’s Day cards while they made their way through the center.

The children were ecstatic to see Melania and each wanted her to play a game with them or see what they were working on.

One young girl was making a water color painting as a gift for Melania. When she pulled Melania down to show her the picture, Melania gasped at the beautiful American flag that she was proudly painting.

Melania blessed the young girl and thanked her for the incredible gift.

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First Lady meeting with these brave young kids!?

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