Bernie Sanders Says Christianity Is An Insult To Muslims

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has yet again confirmed his bias against Christianity when, not that long ago, he violated a Constitutional order saying that religious testing is not allowed to be applied when running for office.

Namely, Sanders disproved of Russel Vought, the White House Deputy Budget Director nominee because of his Christian Beliefs, regarding Islam.

The Vermont Senator stated that he would obstruct Vought because of this. And reportedly, he reached this decision after he read an article that Vought wrote in defense of Wheaton College.

In the article, Vought wrote: “This is the fundamental problem” continuing,  “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not knew God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.”

Regarding the writing, the Senator said  “it is hateful.”

Adding, “It is Islamophobic. And it is an insult to over a billion Muslims throughout the world.”

But this was not all of it. Sanders continued to interrogate Vought, asking him if he thought that what he wrote in the article was offensive to the Islamic people.

To this, Vought replied  “Absolutely not. I’m a Christian and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith,”continuing to explain that ”That post, as I stated in the questionnaire to this committee, was to defend my alma mater Wheaton College, a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for Salvation”

However, Senator Sanders was not backing down, : “I understand you are a Christian. But this country is made up of people who are not just – I understand  that Christianity is the majority religion, but there are other people who have different religions in this country and around the world.”

Vought stated :“As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs.” To which Sanders replied,  “I would simply say, Mr.Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who is really what this country is supposed to be about,” concluding. “I will vote no.”



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