HUMILIATED: Pelosi Stutters And Stammers… Can’t Remember Who’s President

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a 77-year-old woman who can’t give an interview or attend a hearing without shaking or stuttering, has once again forgotten who the current President of the United States is.

Now, before you accuse us of making fun of elderly folks — let us assure you that we’re not. We’re simply saying that at nearly 80-years-old with a fragile body and mind, if Nancy were my grandmother or mom, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell her it’s time to hang it up. She’s forgotten who the sitting President is at least 5 times over the past year, which is more than just a slip-up.

She has literally begun to lose her frail mind. Dementia? I don’t know. But, it’s hard to watch and I don’t even like her.

This powerful female lawmaker is directly responsible for crafting American law and government. She — along with the rest of the lawmakers who can’t string together a coherent sentence — should probably start thinking about heading to Boca.

Gateway Pundit reports:

She did it again!

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi called President Trump “President Bush” at least five times in 2017.

She did it again today.

Minority Leader Pelosi got confused and mixed up on Thursday when speaking to reporters on the pending release of the House Intelligence FISA memo.

Pelosi stuttered and once again called President Trump “Bush” to a gaggle of reporters.

She’ll get it one of these days.




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