New FBI Chief Wray Just Dropped Comey’s Biggest Secret He Never Wanted Getting Out

When President Trump made his decision to fire James Comey, he choice for the head of the FBI fell on Christopher Wray.

Ever since, Wray has been doing an excellent work. Reportedly, the new FBI Director, revealed to a group of police officers : “…I’m somebody who’s a big believer in the importance of integrity of process, and that’s part of how I am hoping to sort of steady the ship.”

Wray continued to say :  “Staying laser-focused on the mission and on the work itself — day in, day out, left foot, right foot, grinding away, following the rules, following the law, following the guidelines, trying to make sure that we’re doing the right thing but in the right way, treating everybody with respect,” the new FBI leader, said according to the CNN.

He also said “That is the approach that I intend to pursue: steady, rock solid, dependable.”

It’s not a surprise that President Trump picked Wray to take over the top position, the FBI needed to reclaim its integrity and status. And Wray was a candidate that both the Republicans and the Democrats liked and agreed upon.

Even though he acknowledges that he is  “still in learning mode,” Wray is experienced in the law enforcement, and he also led the Justice Department’s criminal division during the time when George W. Bush was President.

After the President dismissed Comey from the position, many people were concerned that the replacement may be hand-picked according to his personal needs, but, before Wray was confirmed as the new choice, lawmakers on both sides affirmed Wray as the right person for the position, and a very strong nominee.

What do you think about this?

Are you satisfied now that Comey is out and Wray is in his place?



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