Sarah Huckabee Just Stopped Reporter Mid-Sentence and Left Her Jaw on the Floor

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was back from her vacation this week and held an on-camera press briefing regarding the events of the past week.

She started off the briefing by going over President Trump’s infrastructure plan that he revealed this morning to state and local officials which will bring much needed upgrades all across the country.

When she opened up the floor for questions, liberal reporters immediately launched into questions about former White House aide Rob Porter and the accusations against him of abuse from former wives and girlfriends.

Despite this having nothing to do with President Trump, Sarah patiently answered questions that were repetitive and disrespectful in nature.

But when one reporter just kept badgering her, Sarah had to lay down the law!

Cecilia Vega, a reporter with ABC News wanted to know why Trump has not made a public statement regarding domestic violence in response to the allegations against Rob Porter.

“Why haven’t we heard the president say exactly what you just said right there, that he takes domestic violence very seriously?”

Sarah’s answer left her jaw on the floor.

“I spoke with the president and those are actually his direct words that he gave me.”

Cecilia went on and pushed her to ask why Trump has not spoken publicly himself about the allegations. Sarah’s next answers are perfect and shut Cecilia up very quickly.

“I speak on behalf of the president. I spoke to him and he relayed that message directly to me and I’m relaying it directly to you. … Look, as I just said, the president along with the entire administration takes domestic violence very seriously and believe all allegation need to be thoroughly investigated and, above all, the president supports victims of domestic violence and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process.”

Boom! This is exactly what the media does not understand about these things. Rob Porter, just like any citizen of this country should be afforded due process before his name and reputation are smeared across everyone’s screens without knowing whether he is guilty or not.

President Trump believes in our Constitution and that everyone should be afforded due process. This is why he has not publicly condemned Rob Porter because he does not have all the facts yet. When will the liberal media get this?




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