Chelsea Handler Just Made Mind-Boggling Admission After FL Shooting – Look Where She’s Headed Now!

The Hollywood hills are falling down and they’re burying more hardcore liberal celebrities further into a state of lunacy, irrelevance, and obscurity. While the school shooting happened live in Parkland, Florida, there was leftist celebrities and Democrats already throwing the blame on everyone but the shooter. There were blood and bodies on the floor and the man responsible for murdering multiple people was being arrested, but many on the hardcore left continuously blasted everyone who was not responsible for the shooting. It was a leftist smear campaign filled with repulsive remarks that blamed everyone from the NRA, Russia, and the entire Republican party.

Chelsea Handler is one of the most vocal and illogical celebrities speaking out towards everyone except for the shooter. The failed comedian’s remarks regarding the disastrous shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were nothing short of an insanity diagnosis. The level of disregard for facts, the victims, and humanity in general leaks from her like a sewage plant having pipe problems. Chelsea Handler could have sent a sweet message while condemning the one person responsible, but instead, she blasted everyone who is not responsible for pulling the trigger or breaking the laws of not committing murder.

A young man named Nicolas Cruz killed almost 20 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and the first thing Handler does is blame the rest of the world with her anti-Republican nonsense. She turned every one of the victims into her political platform and it’s disgusting that she did this. She failed on Twitter, just like her previous show failed, and now she’ll slide further into obscurity where she belongs.

“An unthinkable tragedy unfolded in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday that has the nation at a loss for words.

What happened: 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz reportedly opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. According to CNN, at least 16 people are dead as a result of the massacre. Cruz is in police custody. But his motive is unclear at this time.

The heartbreaking news has America’s attention. Predictably, opinions on the issue are everywhere.

Hollywood comedian Chelsea Handler took things further than just mere opinion though. She lobbed a gross accusation at Republicans, claiming the GOP has blood on its hands.”

IJR mentions that Chelsea Handler is placing blood on the hands of the GOP. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is no blood on the hands of the GOP, Russia, the NRA, or any other red-blooded American who owns a gun and commits no crimes. There is only one person directly responsible for the shooting and that is the shooter, Nicolas Cruz. If we want to understand why he shot people with his weapon, then we would be best to keep him alive and study him. Dedicate the rest of his life to science and understanding what put him in the situation to make such a terrible decision. What made this young man hate his own life so much that he risked being shot by police as he murdered innocent victims? Was he abused? Bullied? What provokes someone so young to do something so horrible?

The answers are much more profound than gun laws that won’t work. THe answers are deeper than just saying someone was mentally ill. The answer is so complicated that we might not ever understand it. The depth of the human psychological decision making inside his brain will take a long time to understand. To make it more complex, the reasons that Cruz shot people at a school could be entirely different than the next school shooter.

These concepts are too deep and complex for someone like Chelsea Handler to understand. Chelsea Handler comes off as a miserable echo chamber that lives in her misery from a failed career as a comedian who is not funny. It’s shocking that she hasn’t pulled a trigger on herself yet. Does she think people listen to her or take her serious?

Twitter users had an enjoyable time reminding Chelsea Handler about things such as facts, laws that already exist, and other things to warn us of how liberally charged her mentality has become. It’s unfortunate what she has become.

Sometimes we don’t know if people on Twitter are serious or sarcastic, but they were sadly serious and obviously clueless.

Other people responded to Chelsea Handler by reminding her that they are legal gun owners who keep a firearm for things such as self-defense. There are people in America who don’t have the luxury of living in the best neighborhoods like she does. This guy puts it perfectly in regards to our right to defend ourselves.




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