SEE IT: Obama’s Last ‘Dirty Deed’ In Oval Office Exposed, Susan Rice Recorded It All

Susan Rice is under secret investigation by the Senate Intel Committee, which has just uncovered a stash of emails and recordings of events that Rice sent to herself. The most shocking is the “dirty deed” former President Barack Obama and Rice did in his very last days in the White House, specifically what they did in the Oval Office, and she recorded it all.

Susan Rice and Barack Obama spent their last days in the White House together, and not in celebration. In fact, Rice wants us to believe that in the very last days, they were engaged in a very special meeting in the Oval Office.

How do we know? Well, on Obama’s very last day in office, good old Susan Rice, who was Obama’s National Security Adviser and Ambassador to the United Nations, took special care to send herself a detailed email recording this special meeting. That’s right, Susan Rice, who told Americans that Benghazi happened due to a YouTube video, wrote an email to herself, and it’s quite a sensational story.

Breitbart reports, “Two leading Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee released a redacted top secret email Monday that Obama administration National Security Advisor Susan Rice appears to have sent herself just minutes after President Donald Trump took office.”

They add, “The email contains Rice’s impressions from a January 5, 2017, meeting on ‘Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election’ between then-President Barack Obama, then-FBI Director James Comey, and ‘intelligence community leadership.’”

Now, don’t you find it very strange that Rice would find it necessary to make sure she emailed herself about this meeting on the bogus Trump-Russia collusion investigation? This is what she was doing in Obama’s last hours at the White House? Maybe Rice is making sure that she doesn’t “go down” alone, especially when you consider the cast of characters Rice records as present at this special meeting.

The other people present, who were all freaking out about getting caught committing illegal activities since Trump was about to be sworn in and looking into the “swamp,” included then-Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Yeah, that Sally Yates who weeks later would become a darling of the left-leaning press after she was fired over her refusal to enforce President Trump’s first travel ban on certain terror-prone Muslim majority countries.

After President Trump fired Comey, it was Comey who admitted his only goal was to get a Special Counsel appointed, which turns out to be his best buddy Robert Mueller. It was all going according to plan, but not anymore.

Here’s what former Benghazi apologist Susan Rice wrote to herself: “President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue [Trump-Russia investigation] is handled by the Intelligence and law enforcement communities ‘by the book.’”

She continues, “The President stressed that he is not asking about, initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”

While on Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano said, “This is probably an effort by Susan Rice to reconstruct history to make Barack Obama appear as though he was ignorant of the fray fomented by his administration to undermine the incoming president.”

That’s exactly what Senator Chuck Grassley saw when his Intel Committee investigation found this strange Rice email to herself, and he not only let her know, but he is putting her feet to the fire. Grassley excoriated Rice in an email, writing, “It strikes us as odd that, among your activities in the final moments on the final day of the Obama administration, you would feel the need to send yourself such an unusual email purporting to document a conversation involving President Obama and his interactions with the FBI regarding the Trump/Russia investigation.”

He went on, “In addition, despite your claim that President Obama repeatedly told Mr. Comey to proceed ‘by the book,’ substantial questions have arisen about whether officials at the FBI, as well as at the Justice Department and the State Department, actually did proceed ‘by the book.’”

Grassley is telling Rice, Obama, and the other rats at that meeting that “the jig is up, we have all the evidence and know you were illegally unmasking American citizens while Comey’s FBI cabal was spying on Trump.” The co-chairman of the Senate Intel Committee also included a series of twelve questions the former National Security Adviser must answer by January 22nd.




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