BREAKING: House Just Secretly Passed HUGE Bill Overnight After FL Shooting

Last week, tragedy struck our country again when a lone gunman opened fire on a South Florida high school killing 17 and injuring 20 others. These senseless deaths have stunned the nation as we all attempt to understand what could have caused this horrendous act of violence, and if anything could have been done to prevent it. Of course, with those questions, the left has pounced on the opportunity to push for more gun control looking for ways to infringe on our second amendment rights to protect ourselves and loved ones from harm.

Well, one state in the country is not about to let that happen to its residents by passing a bill that would empower them, and the left is already screaming foul.

Nikolas Cruz, 19 opened fire on a south Florida high school killing 17 and injuring 20 others.

After a string of gun violence in the last several months, the left has been doing all that they can to further their gun control agenda. Playing on emotions of weary Americans these gun-grabbing liberals are claiming that the only way to protect the population is by further control, but not everyone is buying it.

In response to the tragic Texas church shooting last year, and one day after the Florida school shooting, Alabama state representatives passed a bill to expand their “Stand Your Ground” law. According to lawmakers in this Republican state, the bill seeks to empower church-goers to defend their lives in their particular place of worship, and in all honesty, it is about time.

The bill aims to empower church-goers in Alabama to protect themselves in the case of harm in light of the tragic Texas church shooting last year.

The revised bill is pretty straight-forward stating that a person is “presumed justified in the use of force if they reasonably believe someone is about to seriously harm a church member.” Meaning that this bill would specifically protect church members defending their religious communities from those trying to do them harm.

And, after the recent shooting in Texas, it makes perfect sense for state lawmakers to look for ways to better protect their citizens.

The Alabama House of Representatives voted 40-16 to expand “Stand Your Ground” the day after the Florida school shooting occurred.

The vote was to broaden the statute to allow the defense of life in churches. It was presented as part of an overarching goal of removing weak spots in current law so that citizens can defend themselves when an attacker strikes.

The Seattle Times quoted state Rep. Lynn Greer (R-Rogersville), saying, “You got nuts everywhere just like you had in the high school in Florida yesterday. Occasionally, they show up in a church.”

Democrats opposed the vote to expand Stand Your Ground, with Rep. Chris England (D-Tuscaloosa) describing the pro-self-defense push as “pandering.” He indicated that Alabama “already has a self-defense law” and said broadening it “doesn’t accomplish anything.” Rep. Laura Hall (D-Huntsville) said the expanded law would just encourage people to “shoot first and ask questions later.”

Nevertheless, Rep. Greer seized on small rural churches, pointing out that such congregations are on their own should an attacker strike. He explained that larger churches “can afford to hire professional security teams and off-duty police officers,” but smaller churches cannot.

The church that was attacked in Texas on November 5, 2017, was a rural church with no armed security. The attacker was able to kill 26 people before a neighbor of the church, Stephen Willeford, ran barefoot to the scene and shot the attacker with an AR-15.

After the recent shooting in Florida, this is a BOLD move by the state of Alabama considering how divided the country is at this time, but maybe that is precisely why it was done. The lines in the sand have been drawn, and people are sick and tired of leftists attempting to infringe on law-abiding gun citizens rights to protect themselves.

After years of calling conservatives and Christians every vile name in the book, they want to take away our means to protect ourselves which gives the “bad guys” the upper hand. See, as we all know a criminal will find a way to get their hands on a weapon no matter how hard you ban them only making the rest of us vulnerable to harm. Well, not anymore as these brave lawmakers stated in this revised bill and hopefully, other states will follow suit.

It is a proven fact that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and it’s time for lawmakers across the country to wise up that truth.



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