Disgraced Lindsey Vonn Just Sent Sick Threat To Trump After Being DENIED WH Visit After HUGE Loss

The 2018 winter games weren’t what US downhill skier and former gold medalist Lindsey Vonn expected. She paved her way to PyeongChang with hateful verbal attacks and demands for President Donald Trump, proudly wearing a massive chip on her shoulder. She arrogantly went into the Olympics wearing her anti-Trump attitude like a gold medal and lost an actual medal, which was a first for the frontrunner in eight years. She blamed the presidentfor this massive defeat, despite bringing it on herself. Rather than licking her wounds and slipping quietly out of South Korea, Vonn wasn’t done and decided to destroy her career for good by issuing a disturbing threat to the president.

After spending months of her preparation time spewing divisive message about hers and our president, proving herself to be a loser, she suffered a catastrophic loss in South Korea last week she wasn’t prepared for. Rather than coming out as the winner, she came in fifth place and realized she was the latest victim of the “Trump Curse.” Making matters worse, she didn’t just lose the race she expected to dominate, the skier who “took” the gold medal from Vonn that she was there to defend, was not a skier at all. Everything combined that contributed to her demise, was likely what led Vonn into addressing her nemesis with a vengeful threat of what’s coming now after her failed competition.

Gold medalist Ester Ledecka from the Czech Republic, who typically competes in snowboarding, didn’t even have a pair of skis in South Korea and had to borrow a friend’s when she entered into the Super-G race against Vonn on a whim and won. It had to have been a massive blow to Vonn’s ego who expected to be the winner of her sport and use her status to perpetuate hate against the president of the country she was representing.

When that didn’t happen, her hate for Trump must have gone into overdrive but she should have learned her lesson. Now, it’s too late.

Vonn wasn’t done with her hate tour against Trump and has more in store for the president. According to the Daily Mail, despite the massive backlash she’s received for trashing Trump, she has threatened him not backing down in her pursuit to destroy him.

Lindsey Vonn has shot back at social media trolls who inundated her with abuse on Saturday when she failed to medal and said her ‘bad’ performance was payback for her previous anti-Trump remarks.

Before traveling to Pyeongchang to take part in the Winter Olympics, Vonn, 33, said she would not celebrate any victory she might receive at the White House.

In a December 7 interview, she made her opinion of Trump and the current administration clear, saying that she was not there to represent him or them but was there for the “people of the United States.”

“I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president. I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony. I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that,” she said told CNN in December.

In the same interview, Vonn fired back “absolutely not” when asked if she would accept an invitation to Trump’s White House.

“Absolutely not. Nope. But I have to win to be invited. No, actually, I think every US team member is invited, so no, I won’t go,” she said. She later doubled down on them, saying the rest of the world no longer viewed America as a country of hope.

In recent weeks, she has complained online about the lack of financial support the government gives the Olympics and she has also called on Congress for tighter gun laws in wake of the Parkland high school shooting on Valentine’s Day.

The only person Vonn can blame is herself for promoting hate and negativity and bringing that to the slopes which resulted in exactly what results from that kind of mindset. She also chose to ignore the impact that an openly anti-Trump attitude has on athletes by partnering with the NFL who just experienced fan and revenue loss in devastating proportion for this same reason, rather than realizing the same would happen to her. Trashing the president always proves end badly for public people and that’s not Trump’s fault.

You don’t have to like who is in the White House or have voted for him, but sports are no place for politics. Americans have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they don’t appreciate athletes ruining their sports and entertainment with offensive messages about our country and Commander-in-Chief. So, Vonn, carry on with your desire to “not back down” in your attack on the president and see where that takes your legacy.



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