24Hrs After Billy Graham’s Death His Mourning Family Received Horrible News

Beloved evangelical leader Billy Graham who worked as a modern day Peter from Biblical times, bringing love, hope, and God’s wisdom to the world, died Wednesday at the age of 99. Having been a pillar of faith and influence for many Americans, much of the country mourned the loss of such a faith-filled leader who is greatly needed now more than ever in these divisive times. However, 24 hours after this tragic announcement, his incredible family who he left behind received absolutely horrendous news they didn’t deserve.

Graham was an extraordinarily influential and well-loved evangelist pastor from North Carolina who changed lives and the hearts of millions of people. His attitude, kindness, and ability to deliver a driving message into the minds and hearts of those willing to listen were left with nothing less than a fantastic experience that continued to grow positively in the communities he traveled to.

Not only was he well liked by the ordinary person, but he was also charismatic and thoughtful enough to be considered the counselor or minister to numerous United States Presidents. He’s traveled the world, visiting 185 countries, and pursued his dream of spreading the right word to millions of people across the planet. He’s been quoted and idolized by so many people that only an estimate would be right to guess the numbers of hearts he’s touched with his words.

Unfortunately, not everyone saw him for the incredible influencer he was. Despite any person’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, he had a message of unity, compassion, and hope that everyone could relate to. It’s the lack of accepting this message, choosing hate over what people say they really want, that before he has even been buried, his family is already seeing what was left unfinished.

Although he spent his life working as the hands of God here on earth, Graham could reach every soul. There are those who were not willing to accept what he had to say and one of them is celebrating his passing in a truly sickening way. Proving the mentality of hateful liberals who are passionate about pain and not compassion, as they claim, is Teen Vogue Contributor, Lauren Duca. She took a break from writing foul pieces for the publication that likes to promote “anal sex” to youngsters, to attack America’s minister and leave his family with something irreprehensible.

A controversial Teen Vogue columnist known for lobbing verbal bombs has topped herself with an especially vile tweet about beloved evangelist Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at 99.

“The big news today is that Billy Graham was still alive this whole time. Anyway, have fun in hell, bi–h,” Lauren Duca tweeted.

Duca went on to say “’Respecting the dead’ only applies to people who weren’t evil pieces of sh-t while they were living.”


You don’t have to agree with anyone’s religious beliefs, but respect for this man and what he spent his life doing for others, landing him as the “Ten Most Admired Men in the World” on a regular basis, is expected. It’s clear that the columnist has no soul herself to spew such vile statements about someone who just passed. That might be something she want’s to get in check before her time comes, so she doesn’t end up in hell. For someone who doesn’t claim to be religious, she shouldn’t even believe in a hell, so maybe she’s subliminally admitting something without realizing it.

Anyone who speaks of a person who recently passed on like this, who has lived an exceptional life and not caused anyone great harm, has something wrong within their own soul. They are conflicted with the life their living and decisions they make, which ironically, are the types of people who Graham healed with his God-inspired message of hope and forgiveness he delivered worldwide. Duca and her horrific remarks serve as a reminder of the work that’s left unfinished here on earth, after Graham’s passing.

The hope that his influence doesn’t die with him. His message for America is what the country really needs now. Maybe in his absence, people with hurting hearts and broken lives will seek out his words of profound wisdom and peace – especially Duca who could benefit from it and live a better life outside of her hate-filled bubble. The real key to solving some of the nation’s greatest issues isn’t policy changes or even having everyone be on the same political team. If everyone took Graham’s message of genuine compassion and respect for others to heart, society would experience and real change.



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