Cohen Sets Record Straight on Tom Arnold Fiasco, Liberal Heads Explode

Somewhere on the fringes of acceptable political meddling lies Hollywood – a cesspool of liberal lunatics who will stop at nothing to weaponize their egos in opposition to President Trump and his conservative constituents.

And, as with all things Tinsel Town, there is a double standard the likes of which would never fly out in the real world, where Americans work hard to make ends meet.  Heck, that double standard is even addressed in our founding documents…”All men are created equal”, remember?  Yet that doesn’t seem to matter at all to the left’s court of public opinion.

For proof, we needn’t look any further than the hullabaloo surrounding Roseanne Barr and Peter Fonda.

Barr was recently canned by her television bosses and blacklisted from Hollywood after making an inexcusable tweet about the appearance of democratic operative Valerie Jarrett.  Just days later, Peter Fonda suggested that young Barron Trump be ripped out of the White House and left to rot in a cage with pedophiles, as well as suggesting that DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen be stripped naked and publicly flogged by passers by in Lafayette Square.  Even after Nielsen was subsequently harassed in a D.C. restaurant just hours later, there has been no outcry against Fonda from the left, who are claiming their First Amendment rights in the case.

This, of course, doesn’t jive with the liberal ideology that inspired Berkeley students to literally riot in order to silence conservative speakers on campus.

If this isn’t fascism, we don’t really know what is.

Not to be outdone by his ex-wife or Peter Fonda, actor Tom Arnold has thrust himself into the media spotlight in recent days, claiming that he and Micheal Cohen, (President Trump’s ex lawyer currently under investigation by Robert Mueller), are working together to “bring down” the administration.  Arnold has even.



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